The Can You Still Make Money On YouTube Diaries

I've thought of some more which i know I might like to see, and judging with the responses from the remainder of the peep's here, I guess they would as well!!

for those who fellas head over to and check out my web page, it is possible to see many my favorites from sesame Avenue.

Here is the Sesame Avenue YouTube video clip clip of Ernie and Bert in which Ernie attempted to resolve the Tv set to eliminate the flashing "H" as well as the voice saying the letter where by at the top the voice was stating "I",

Does any individual recall the skit where two puppets, 1 short with bendable arms and one tall with straight arms, have to operate collectively to obtain the fruit through the tree and consume it? I'm searching for it.

does any one Have a very torrent of all of the clips? i miss watching them and I might like to share it with my Little ones...

Not Considerably on my mind lately. My life's been fully unexciting as of late. I have just been hanging out not obtaining everything carried out. So it goes.

Here is the Sesame Street YouTube video clip of the two building employees acquiring lunch with one construction employee aquiring a piano participant inside his lunchbox participating in the piano and singing the alphabet when the other building employee had peanut butter sandwiches in his lunchbox,

Does any person remember a clip singing through the alphabet, the eyesight was cartoon drawing of sort of faries or cherubs and insects opening flowers ect with the letters in them. The tunes can be a womans voice over what seems like 'medieval' or troubidor audio. Really like a backlink to that.

I'm seeking a song which they played where they only confirmed children within the park plus they performed probably the most beautiful music inside the background, I think it could happen to be early 70's everyone know? I think it's a piano taking part in from the history.

I've been making an attempt to find a clip from the "Milk" song. the one word within the tune is "milk", sung again and again once more, though a toddler cries for her bottle, like a milk truck her latest blog driver is frantically looking to reach your home in the perfect time to silent the screaming baby. drama at It is really best, a real common!!

I have read urban myths surrounding this clip - it needed to be removed and ruined mainly because it was triggering mental distress, etc. I do not believe that, but I do imagine there is a reason why it seems to be the one Sesame Road clip that can not be located and why posts and hyperlinks on several websites are eradicated when posted. Is that this Element of some CTW coverup?

Simply amazing! How Are you aware of all of that stuff? Both equally of you guys are certainly Sesame Road geniuses! The data you give is a must have and the music video clips and clips are priceless!

The next, however, really should be simpler helpful site to obtain -- it is the 1 by using a man kayaking down a river, and from what I can recall, consistently flipping more than...I bet many of you might identify the tune (during the MP3 it starts about two/3 of the way as a result of).

Cajun Video - 'Bayou Pon Pon Special' might be the identify of the tune. I used to be examining An additional site and a great deal of persons are looking for it. Anyone who happens to have a group of previous sesame Avenue video clips, can you see in the event you transpire to acquire this one particular?

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